Lifetouch is the Cherry Crest’s vendor for Yearbook this year.
  • Pre-order the yearbook by Wednesday, March 25  and it costs $18.
  • Regular order the yearbook and it costs $20.
  • Limited yearbooks available for purchase by CASH or CHECKS ONLY in the last week of school.

The yearbook is a great gift for kids at the end of the school year. To make a memorable yearbook need parents to help in collecting good photos in the whole year.

Volunteer as Classroom Yearbook Photographer

Do you love taking pictures, do you love capturing the moment. Sign up to be the Classroom Yearbook Photographer! We are looking for a parent volunteer from each class room.

Some things to remember are:
1. Every photo should capture a subject, action, reaction or emotion.
2. Photos should be of at least two or more children preferably.
3. Photos should be close-up enough that kids’ faces are recognizable. They do not have to be looking at the camera, but make sure that faces are clear. You can take either posed or candid shots.
4. Each student in your class should be represented at least once in the photos. It helps to have a (visual) list of all the kids in your class, that way you can easily keep track of who you still need a photo of.
5. Photos should be taken with a good quality, high resolution or SLR camera, and should be high resolution BUT NOT MORE THAN 10MB PER IMAGE.
6. Choose your best 6 to 10 photos and submit into the the one drive link, which we will be providing you with upon signing up.
7. Please submit your best selected pictures by February 15th, 2020. Email for upload location!


Sign up to be a Yearbook Photographer either in a classroom, an event or both here.


Pictures from various events make the yearbook special. Don’t forget to upload the ones you have taken! 

Email us at for upload location


Don’t miss this year’s school memories!

Order Online – Lifetouch
Yearbook ID code: 1577520


Classroom teachers distribute yearbooks to everyone who pre-order them. Watch for them in backpacks around Friday, June 12th.