Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! 

Through the school year, there is a lot of information that is of interest to different people. This website is a one stop to get all the information about Cherry Crest, the various happenings at school, and around its community.

PTSA News: All news about the happenings in PTSA. What they are doing, various events organized by PTSA, opportunities to volunteer, and more. 

School News: News about Cherry Crest. Information about school hosted events, asks for help by teachers like in the art room and the libraray, celebrating accomplishments by our students.

Bellevue Schools Foundation News: The Bellevue Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises private funds to support BSD schools. BSF hosts various events to support and educate our students and families, as well as host various fundraising events. This is a spot of find all news about BSF.

District News: All pertinent information about Bellevue School District can be found here.

Community Bulletin: We regularly receive submissions to our weekly newsletter, the Charger Chatter, with information about local activities for children. These are enrichment, athletics or outdoor programs which are available in the community. We provide the information we receive as a convenience to our families. No endorsement or recommendation by Cherry Crest Elementary school or the PTSA is implied.

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If appropriate, please include a link to your website and a short description we can use in our newsletter. If you don’t have a website, please include registration information in your description.