Spelling Bee


REGISTRATION DATE:Wednesday, October 30, 2019
PRELIMINARY ROUNDS:Friday, November 15, 2019
FINAL:Wednesday, February 12, 2020
LOCATION:Cherry Crest

We are proud to be one of the schools that seeks to find the best spellers in the nation.

Preliminary Rounds
  • Round 1 : Grade level written exam – multiple choice questions, kids need to choose the meaning from the choices.
  • Round 2: Grade level oral – no meaning asked
  • Round 3: One grade higher oral – no meaning asked

“Since 1925, children across America have participated in school, local and regional bees with the singular hope of making it to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. This year, 11 million students will join in the experience.”
–Scripps National Spelling Bee

Register Today

To register, send an email to spellingbee@wordpress-test.cherrycrest-ptsa.org and include the following:

  1. Name of your child
  2. Name of your child’s teacher and grade 
  3. Parent’s email address and phone number
  4. Notification if parent is willing to volunteer 

Registration deadline is Wednesday ,October 30 2019! Once your child is registered, a word list will be sent to you. A pre-assessment will be held on Friday, November 15 2019, and only 5 students per grade will be moving to the next level. Finals date will be Wednesday, February 12 2020.

We need a lot of volunteers to run this event. Please email spellingbee@wordpress-test.cherrycrest-ptsa.org if you are able to volunteer for conducting the tests at Cherry Crest. We particularly need English speakers with American accents as pronouncers.

Questions? Email spellingbee@wordpress-test.cherrycrest-ptsa.org


We will need many parents to help during preliminary rounds.

Volunteer pronouncers, particularly English speakers with American accents are requested to email us!


A preliminary round will narrow the number of spellers to 5 per grade.

Questions? Volunteers?

Contact: spellingbee@wordpress-test.cherrycrest-ptsa.org