Auction Kickoff

Hello Cherry Crest Friends and Families! 

Welcome to the kickoff of the 2020 Cherry Crest Auction! We are excited to announce that our brand new online-only auction is open for registration, with bidding beginning this coming Tuesday, April 21st. By signing up today, you can browse the catalog to see many of the amazing items we will have available to bid on when the (virtual) doors open! Registration is 100% free and every person who signs up will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Mercurys Coffee gift card. Make sure to click on the video below to hear a brief welcome message from local celebrity and Cherry Crest alum Matt Lorch, and don’t forget to register today!

Your 2020 Auction Chairs,

Greg, Ksenia and Amy

“Hi there I’m Matt Lorch. I’m a news anchor at Q13 News in Seattle. You probably know that every year Cherry Crest comes together to host a fundraising auction to support our PTSA and this year we were going to throw you a HUGE party at the Hilton in downtown Bellevue because this is a really big year – this is the 50th Anniversary of this remarkable school. I know how amazing it is because I attended Cherry Crest from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, and I was going to serve as your auctioneer. Unfortunately because of coronavirus we can’t gather right now and we actually considered cancelling the auction, and then we realized, “you know what?”, now more than ever it is so important we come together and support this community. And we decided to move the Cherry Crest magic online. So the auction is still on! Now, we can’t offer you the same, fun, live party, but we can still come together to show our support for this school and this community that we love. Things officially kick off next Tuesday April 21st, but don’t wait. Go to the auction site right now, sign up, check out some of the fabulous items and remarkable experiences. I’m going to be joining you next week with updates every day about things as they open up on the auction. This is going to be really exciting as we move it online. So don’t wait, go sign up now, and we will see you next week at the online auction.”

Auction Spotlight: Invitations Going Home, and more

Invitations Going Home, Dessert Donations, Sponsorship

The show must go on! That is, of course, until there is BSD guidance that it can or should not… But at this early juncture, we are sticking to schedule and have a few important announcements:

  • The big news this week is that invitations are going home! Please check your child’s backpack this week and look for a *gold* envelope!
  • Second, this year we are mixing things up by introducing a deliciously suspenseful Dessert Dash game where tables will compete for the right to select the best looking dessert on display! To help us fill out our lineup, we are seeking donations of desserts or gift cards: check out our signup which lists the bakeries that we would love to have participate in our event, or email
  • Finally, we are still actively seeking and accepting sponsorship for the event. Contact:
  • Have other questions? Visit our auction website or past news articles!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Spotlight Question of the Week

Do both my spouse and I need to attend the event?

No! While many parents consider the auction to be a fun opportunity to get out of the house together, the auction is a community event first and foremost – you should absolutely feel free to come with a fellow parent, friend, or family member, especially if that simplifies childcare. In fact, we hope that everyone will encourage their friends to join them! When you purchase your ticket, there will be a place to specify friends that you’d like to sit with during dinner – name a friend or a group of friends, and we’ll do our best to sit you together!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Spotlight Question of the Week

What is a Silent Auction and Why Would I Want to Bid?

When you arrive you’ll see dozens of “bidding sheets” across several tables in a room near the entrance, each one describing an item or experience donated for auction. Each sheet will have blank lines with an escalating list of prices the item could sell for. If you want the item, you “bid” to win it by writing your name on the line corresponding to the price you’re willing to pay. The highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item!
So what is there to win? Some of the silent auction items are donated by local businesses: kids’ birthday party packages, spa/salon treatments, tickets to events, kids camps and much more. You may find a deal on something you already planned to purchase (a summer camp!), or an excuse to try a new activity (tickets to a baseball game!), or a new variety of something you love (a coffee or wine bundle!).
Other items are donated by Cherry Crest teachers and forge memories children hold dear beyond their elementary school years: a teacher’s favorite book with a personalized inscription or teacher/child experience outside of school for a few lucky students!
There will be opportunities for your child to feel special and recognized at school for a day, or even all year long: Lunch with the Principal, Librarian for a Day, or a prominent campus street sign or bike parking spot with your child’s name on it.
There’s something in the silent auction for every budget – starting from $10. The Silent Auction phase of the evening is casual, social, and fun – a time for mingling, chatting, and munching on tasty appetizers, maybe while keeping one eye on your favorite item to make sure you don’t get outbid 😉! But there is no obligation to buy or bid on items – just come and enjoy the party! Catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and see what’s up for offer this year. We look forward to seeing you there!
Check out our FAQ or reach out to us with any other questions!
Ksenia Tshahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Spotlight: Question of the Week

Why does the PTSA raise money and where does it go?

Did you know that the Cherry Crest PTSA pays for nearly every event you can think of that gives our school its unique personality and far-reaching reputation for its unwavering commitment to students and teachers? The majority of the budget goes to paying for teachers’ assistants to improve (lower) student/teacher ratios in all classrooms and to pay for assistants in the cafeteria and playground to support positive social interactions among the students. Just over 20% of the budget pays for school-wide curriculum enhancement, which includes off-site field trips (e.g., theater, nature spaces, museums, etc.) as well as on-site visits from children’s educators across a variety of specialties (e.g., toy maker, author visits, animal encounters, etc.). Check the PTSA website for more information about enrichment events planned for your child this year! Another 10% of funds pay for school-wide community-building events, such as movie nights, ice-cream socials, festival of cultures, and spelling bee, to name just a few. The remaining 8% provides grants for staff and supports  appreciation events and PTSA operating costs (such as our website, send out our newsletter and responsibly manage our finances). All these programs are organized and run by a team of over 50 committed Cherry Crest parents that offer their time and energy on a 100% volunteer (unpaid) basis.

Put this year’s auction on your calendar and help keep it all going!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Spotlight: Question of the Week

Do I have to buy something at the auction?

While a ticket is required to attend the event, you are under no obligation to bid on or buy anything during the evening.  Everybody in the Cherry Crest community is encouraged to come out and show their support just by attending this entertaining evening of food, drink, and mingling – help build our community simply by meeting up with old friends or making some new ones!  Of course, many people find that once they are there, they see a teacher experience they are interested in, fall in love with their child’s classroom art piece, decide to try their luck at a gift certificate to one of the area’s top restaurants, join forces with their friends to upgrade the dessert at their table, or get excited to attend one of the themed community parties or sports events that have been donated by other parents. So if you do plan on bidding, keep in mind there is something for every budget – starting at as little as $10 among the silent auction items all the way up to a thousand dollars or more for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the live auction!  In any case, your level of commitment is entirely up to you – our main goal is for you to have FUN!

Check out our FAQ or ask us any other questions!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Spotlight: Host a Party!

Do you enjoy meeting your neighbors, making new friends, bringing people together in a festive atmosphere, and fostering strong relationships with members of your community? Then hosting a party could be just the thing for you! Parties hosted by Cherry Crest families are some of the most popular auction items put up for bid each year. These one-of-a-kind experiences take many forms, such as those highlighting the food and customs of a specific culture (e.g., A Night in Africa), adult parties with a whimsical theme (e.g., Toga Party) and even kid-friendly events (e.g., tea party, sports events). We welcome it all!

Are you intrigued but a bit hesitant? There’s no need to go it alone! Consider grabbing a friend and co-hosting an event! Whether you are ready to raise your hand or just have more questions, please reach out to us!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Spotlight: How to Help


Important Dates:

The gears are turning for the 2020 World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction and Celebration and we’d love YOUR help! There are many ways to get involved both big and small to support this fun and important community tradition and now’s the perfect time to reach out to us! Here’s a quick overview – visit How to Help for all the details!

And don’t forget to visit our newly launched Auction Website for more information and answers to your questions! You can also follow us on Facebook and check the weekly Chatter for current news! Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Auction Team Is Seeking Classroom Art Project Leaders

A beloved tradition of our annual fundraising event is the auctioning-off of classroom art projects. These one-of-a-kind art pieces range from whimsical to jaw-dropping, but are always handcrafted with care and community spirit. The funds raised by the projects are essential and directly benefit all Cherry Crest students: field trips, classroom aides, toy maker, and lunch room theater are just a few of the programs that are supported by the classroom art proceeds.

Are you crafty? Enjoy working with students? Have a passion for memorializing your child’s elementary school years? We need YOUR help to bring these magical pieces to auction night! As the classroom art project volunteer you will purchase supplies (reimbursed by the PTSA), coordinate one or two days and times at school when students can be pulled out in small groups to work on the project, and put the final touches on the art piece such as mounting and framing.

Our classroom art committee auction leaders will hold an informational session on Thursday, January 16th from 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM in the Library to answer all your questions about how to lead an art project for your student’s classroom, including timeline, budget and loads of ideas. 

Email us at to raise your hand to lead a classroom project or to ask any questions about this important volunteer opportunity. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on January 16th!

As always, you can direct any general auction questions or ideas to

Your Cherry Crest 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs,
-Greg Smith, Ksenia Tsahhirov and Amy Karlson

Cherry Crest Annual Auction – Save the Date

Save the date for the Cherry Crest Annual Auction on Saturday April 25th!

This is our school’s 50th Anniversary and we are planning a special celebration. Games, raffles, teacher-hosted experiences, silent and live auctions and more! Bring a friend, bring a spouse — just make sure to COME and join us at a fun, community-focused event! This annual adult party is the capstone on the PTSA’s yearly fundraising efforts that directly support our students, staff and extracurricular programming that have made Cherry Crest a cherished part of our families’ elementary school memories for decades.

Can you help?

  • Procurement is already underway… if you have a weekend house, timeshare, sports connection, boat or other one-of-a-kind experience you would consider donating as an item to our auction, please let us know!
  • Know of a local business that might want to be an official sponsor?  We have multiple levels of sponsorship available with great opportunities to get your business name in front of our community in a positive way.
  • We are looking for someone familiar with Microsoft Publisher to help us put together the printed catalog in the March timeframe.
  • Other volunteering opportunities abound! Keep an eye out for our Chatter announcements in January, which will include descriptions of volunteer positions and a link to our auction website to answer all your questions!

In the meantime, feel free to direct all questions and ideas for making this a great event for everyone to:

Your Cherry Crest 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs,
-Greg Smith, Ksenia Tsahhirov and Amy Karlson